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I've always had a weakness for trikes.  I have ridden a few different designs thru the years and didn't find anything that really suited me. Most were VW powered ranging from the fiberglass "sacred cow" to the tube frame old school chopper style and a few Harley versions thrown in for good measure.

I initially started looking into the Tri-Magnum years ago when it appeared in magazines and thought that would be fun to build.

Above and below is a Tri-Magnum plans-built reverse trike from R Q Riley

Above is a shot of a Turbo Phantom which was designed and built in the late 70's.

Fast forward a year or twenty... Since I have plenty of VW parts laying around, the Tri-Magnum seemed like a natural for me. I finally bought the Tri-Magnum plans from the designer in early 2008 and was going to start one with a few minor changes to make it my own. I continued research, read and collected everything I could find about the Tri-Magnum. If you plan to build something similar with one-of foam and fiberglass construction, grab those plans as the instructions are nice to have. I also picked up a booklet written by Burt Rutan titled Moldless Composite Sandwich Aircraft Construction which has been used in many of his projects to help me out on mine!

In the Spring of 2008, I started looking for Goldwings and was initially set on getting a later model with reverse and more power. As I was looking around for donor motorcycles, a friend at work told me about the Aptera - thanks Dave!


After gathering info, printing every picture I could find and watching the videos multiple times, I was hooked.  I really like the different look and I started thinking aerodynamics and headed my plans in that direction....I could, for now, do without reverse and use a smaller water cooled engine to push a slippery body and build a safe, fun toy in the process....well, that's the plan, anyway....for now.....they change regularly at this point!

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